lioncourt - Spring Rhapsody

Spring Rhapsody

Join me in this rhapsody inspired by Persephone – the goddess of herbs, flowers, fruits and perfumes :hibiscus: rhap‧so‧dy [noun] [countable] (1) In ancient Greece is an epic poem suitable for recitation at one time. It comes from the Greek word 'rhapsodios'. (2) An ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm in speech or writing. (3) piece of music that is …

marlenemoore - Marlene Moore in high boots and fishnets

Marlene Moore in high boots and fishnets

I put on high black boots. Just look how beautiful they shine! Under them I wear fishnet stockings, and in addition to them I put on very sexy lingerie. I don't wear it for long though because I'm quickly shedding it piece by piece until you see me completely naked and my hairy pussy!

missfernandez - Humblest Pleasures

Humblest Pleasures

«Tiger lily or a rose, you still have your place in the garden. Appreciate the bluer notes. Why is the simplest thing the hardest? What a thing it is to grow.»