arsenicstar - Purple Reign (Lust U Always)

Purple Reign (Lust U Always)

Thinking of you, and the sound of your voice as you called me, “baby…” 💜 You’re forever on my mind. Thinking of the feeling of your hands on my skin, hearing you breathe in so deeply.. and all I want in this moment is to see you smile. 💜 ”I lust U madly. Ur kiss is all I want, U're …

xoco - Reading secrets

Reading secrets

I almost went to bed without remembering the four white violets I put in the button-hole of your green sweater and how i kissed you then and you kissed me shy as though I'd never been your lover

ninha - Autumn Flower

Autumn Flower

Set made in the Brazilian fall. My favorite season… of smells and colors. What's your favorite season?

missives - Skintight


Your eyes don't want to see the beauty right in front of you cause your mind can't stand the beauty right in front of you.. And your veins explode for the beauty right in front of you when your body screams for the softness of her milk-white skin