New payment methods

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Due to the Bitcoin network suffering with insanely high transaction fees and the rising amounts of unconfirmed transactions, we decided to add Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin as payment methods for the premium membership.

Update regarding the file size of newer sets

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Recently started uploading their sets in higher resolutions, and that resulted in significantly higher (500MB+) file sizes. Please note that this has nothing to do with us, since we just rip the sets in highest quality available, and make them downloadable for free on our site. We are looking into making each set downloadable in multiple resolutions.

New feature – shortcut

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We have added a new feature, where you can shortcut from an official SG set page to our site by adding “now” to the url. For example, you are browsing the following set: Click your browser’s address bar, and put your cursor between “suicidegirls” and “.com”, then type in “now”. You should see this address: Now press Enter, …

Depositfiles GOLD keys giveaway

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Finders keepers 🙂 2 weeks GOLD key: ixymi6v6daoz7l72dtxbajym9tszgrov 1 day GOLD key: zioka1etogh164f64n4lqanqzi3o00ll etr8m5d72ojcin4cv7kx8azc86ed7kl9 6 hours GOLD key: 1w185x2gi76z50oif8e78q30nvdjhqgy 2 hours GOLD key: u8d2u454zbyjs9rmffm5zq86wb5d33n9 We’re looking into doing giveaways on a regular basis, more info coming soon.

The site has been revamped

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As you guys can see, SuicideGirlsNow has been revamped. We went back to a lighter design, also now we’re using custom post types for the albums/videos, with custom layouts. We aim to provide more information about the albums, like resolution, number of files, etc. And also about the girls, like their instagram and twitter profiles. We hope you like the …

Issues with the Site

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Apologies about the downtime and the lack of posts lately. We have moved the site to a new server, and we’ve been running into various technical difficulties. However, everything should be running fine now. Sorry for the inconvenience.