Update regarding the file size of newer sets

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Recently SuicideGirls.com started uploading their sets in higher resolutions, and that resulted in significantly higher (500MB+) file sizes. Please note that this has nothing to do with us, since we just rip the sets in highest quality available, and make them downloadable for free on our site.

We are looking into making each set downloadable in multiple resolutions.

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  1. More like uncompressed than higher resolution, using batch image compressor programs like FastStone Resizer or something could be efficient to certain extent, I hardly notice any quality reduction using them while keeping the resolution intact. Uploading multiple res seems like a lot of work.

    Btw thanks for the mammaries! 😉

  2. Thanks for the great work. I have put quite some SG sets in the request queue. When can I expect them? The last completed request were back in august. Thanks a lot!

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