A Room with a View

You've noticed her before. Stuck inside, just like you. She reads to pass the time, but you've caught her looking in your direction. It started slow. A few glances, a smile. And today? Today she's ready for more.


Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea, cozy thigh highs, astrology books, and an oversized sweater. Everything a soft girl needs to bask in the warm afternoon sunset of another quarantine day.


Waiting For My Ride

Few things excite me more than a great ride on the back of a bike and the anticipation of waiting for them to arrive can be excruciating…but only in the best ways. Imagine arriving to pick me up and finding me like this? What fun we would have xo



In a land barren and wasteful, I could hear the coyote howl. There was no full moon, yet in the tree I saw an owl. Was this a sign or an omen, farther into the night I fled. It was freezing and I shivered, not from the cold but from what was said.


Make me your Aphrodite

How do you see the goddess Aphrodite? Do you believe in mythology? If the answer is no, you will start rethinking your beliefs after viewing this set. Travel along the photos with a light touch of mystery and sweetness.