lazarus_ - Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful

The longer you live the more you learn that you have to focus on the little things that make life beautiful. I hope you enjoy my first set since 2013.

reych - Lazy


Well, in simple english I'm lazy, I wanna be lazy, I long to be out in the sun, with no work to be done. Under that awning they call the sky, Stretching and yawning, and let the world go drifting by, I wouldn't peep through the deep tangled wildwood, counting sheep, 'Till I sleep like a child would, With a …

ilana - The Princess strikes back

The Princess strikes back

The princess that has to stay in the imaginarium of the audience, should not be the one displaced as a subdued woman, lying down in front of the tyrant Hutt, but the one that chokes the captor with the chains that kept her locked. – "I crushed his neck with the chains, enjoying every single moment of that, cuz' I …

nattalia - Today i feel so good

Today i feel so good

Today I feel so good! I woke up with the sun saying good morning, guiding me in your presence, what a day! Feel free to come in and find out about me, my favorite songs and how i love photos that reveal fond memories! Which song suits this moment?