fr3sifr3sita - Lie Me Up!

Lie Me Up!

She is experiencing new sensations And she invites you to educate her in this beautiful art of pleasure . Would you be able to teach him?

capsblazem - Battle Angel

Battle Angel

I’m no fighter, though all my life I’ve had to fight and go head first into all sorts of battles. I’ve been wounded but not defeated. I can finally say that the day has come, I am choosing myself, my dreams and all things that bring good. At last, I can finally say I’m here! :red heart:

novacrow - Bloom Who You Are

Bloom Who You Are

This set is all about blooming into the person you are inside. Let go of expectations and "norms" to be your true self. It can be hard to hear your inner voice with all of the outside noise, but listening to yourself will help you become your happiest and best self you can be! :rainbow::purple heart: #SGPrideContest

shenzy - Hold your colours

Hold your colours

I can't use all of Pride's attributes because it's punishable. But as a demisexual, I can't stay away. So I just don't hide my inner unicorn colors in this set.

natashasavinich - Milk bath

Milk bath

Cleopatra loved milk baths to preserve her beauty, I decided to follow her example and relax in warm aromatic water with the addition of beautiful flowers