ninha - Super 10!

Super 10!

My tenth set in the best style. Inside my house… in my little corner of peace, passions, cats and plants 💛 During this period of social isolation, many of us were unable to go out to work and produce new sets for you. The SG introduced us to the possibility of working safely taking self-shots. I loved the idea and …

kirihill - Shuten


Shuten Douji surrounded by flowers. I super-glued the horns to my head for this. This is my entry for the Self-Shot Contest.

francy - Lust


my first self set, I did it in my princess room, I loved this experience, I hope you like it too! kisses from Francy!

nesty - MY ROOM


Hi there! i decided to do a set on my own 😉 During this quarantine many things changed, personally I moved house and what better way to inaugurate it if not with a set for suicidegirls? I'm not a photographer but i promise to improve! I had a lot of fun, and i'm too happy for this. Hope you like …

blizzard - Pink Memories

Pink Memories

In recent times the SG community has been a part of my daily life, I made friends all over the globe and traveled to various places. Memories that I will never forget. When the contest and the opportunity to photograph me came up, I decided to create this memory of that part of my life. More than a set, these …

ninaq - A page of history

A page of history

#selfshotcontest this set are produced in my home during this long quarantine. I hope you like it 🔥😺🍑💕 Good Vision 💋

juliaxcastro - #bymyself


I can't believe I'm having this opportunity, my first contact with photography was making self-portrait and this moment of clicking my self photoset is very exciting! I can show here a little of my photographic work and model ♥ I hope you like it

brittfallingupinthesky - Tea Time is lovelier with Two

Tea Time is lovelier with Two

Self Shot Contest for Covoid. This set is about the effect this Corona virus has had on so many people, the lives it has taken, the people(moms,dads,brothers,sisters,friends,grandparents,the unmarked bodies buried in mass graves,the loss in general),not being able to see people's faces(for some never again but only in photos),not being able to TOUCH(for some they will never touch their lost …