persephonepitstop - Water-Break-Its-Neck


An impromptu shoot on the lovely girlfriend's mobile phone in mid Wales, admittedly because it's been a fair old while since I last did a shoot and I really want to keep my membership up-to-date. That said, isn't this a gorgeous waterfall (if very peculiarly named)?

lady_sadyk - Woodwomen


Toda una tarde de verano podando y cortando leña da mucho calor, pero hay q prepararse para el invierno

inkedlili - Winter love In Red

Winter love In Red

Sensual in red, emotional in red, just a few pictures to bring you warmth and love this cold summer. Red hair I don’t care, I feel so hot for you. With this set I would like to send you a lot of love and good vibes. Lovely

nikole - The Eye Sex

The Eye Sex

Petite perfect looking girl showing her giant butt with lustful eye contact. Fragile and sensual body lines are tempting for strong hands to hold them tight

villanita - 11:11


Mornings on the countryside never felt so good. Sipping on the juice, listening to old tunes. Breathing cig smoke, laying in old oak…

kagura - Good Fortune

Good Fortune

The Fortune Cat, also called the beckoning cat, Maneki-Neko, has long been known as a symbol for good fortune. This feline is said to promote and bring good health, great wealth, and protection depending on which paw is raised: right, left, or both. May this Lucky Cat bring you great fortune in the days to come. #SGNewYearsContest