lucki - Shy Guy Limbo

Shy Guy Limbo

Travel back in time with me if you will- to the 90s, hair was styled in high ponytails, overalls and anything denim was a craze, along with tie-dye crazy colors and scrunchies! Oh yeah, and Nintendos!! Sit, chill and play Yoshi's Story with me! Can you make it through the Mecha Castle and defeat Baby Bowser? Let's save the happy …

lucki - Nai Elyë Hiruva

Nai Elyë Hiruva

"Maybe even thou shalt find it" is what the title of this set means. It's symbolic for me, in many ways. Maybe I shall find peace in this chaotic life. Maybe I shall find greatness in the challenges I pursue. And even maybe I shall find myself an official SG after all this time. I hope you all enjoy this …