daddycus - Boomerang Valentine

Boomerang Valentine

Bomerang Valentine, after a poem by Andrea Gibson is all about self-love. About feeling amazing in my skin like never before. So switch on the sweetest music you've got 'cause you're in for a love ride. " 'Til I get a mason jar full of water lilies, I got a kettle full of sea and my whole life, y'all, my …

oliviakat - amour propre

amour propre

The erotism as a female empowerment tool, breaking social and moral standards. How do you live your erotism?

sattine - Kinda Outta Luck

Kinda Outta Luck

Babe you can see that I'm danger! Glamorous, but I'm deranged, yeah! Teetering off of the stage. I said it really nicely so can you be my savior?

syrinn - Season Of The Witch

Season Of The Witch

"You've got to pick up every stitch, The rabbits runnin' in the ditch, Beatnicks are out to make it rich, Oh no, Must be the season of the witch"