psari - Purple orchid

Purple orchid

this shooting was made inFebruary, when outside was about -15 C degree, but the sun shine in my bed room. I noticed, on this day was my orchid so beautiful. I loved this warm light and the colours of the flower … I decided to make my first shooting for SG

jeannedemone - BOUND


Before you ask, yes, I have big scars under my boobs. I had breast reduction surgery last november. My neck, shoulder and back pains were so bad that I had no choice. I didn't think that they need to be edited off, because they are part of me now. Of course they will fade but as long as they are …

hedona - Tatooine Hunt

Tatooine Hunt

Tracking her bounty across space, she lets her exhaustion overcome her and sheds her armor to take a short break from her endless journey. Take a peek- A sweaty, sexy, sandy adventure awaits …

lizard - natural


this is the first set of my life. I enjoyed doing it and I hope everyone love it like I do. with too much love