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As you guys can see, SuicideGirlsNow has been revamped. We went back to a lighter design, also now we’re using custom post types for the albums/videos, with custom layouts. We aim to provide more information about the albums, like resolution, number of files, etc. And also about the girls, like their instagram and twitter profiles.

We hope you like the new design/layout, be sure to let us know if you have any feedback!

Comments 9

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      That’s cool. Do you have an API accessible via command line? We upload images automatically using cURL. If you have that, we’ll consider using your service.

  1. Neat looking site!
    I’ve been a fan of SG since long time immemorial, only to realise that I can easily download them from here 😀
    One question though, and it’s totally OOT:
    The girls on the front page. I know the SG on the top banner is Maud.
    What about the 4th SG right beside the Set of The Day?
    I’ve been browsing to find her and found nothing 🙁

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      Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like the site.
      Her name is Deuces. We only have her latest post up on the site at the moment, but if you give me a couple minutes, I can upload that set, with the pic from the front page.

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  2. Hi, you posted photos of a girl who had not authorized the SG … these are illegal photos, please send me a contact email, so we can solve this in the best way possible.
    This is a crime, and it is not nice to play with other people’s lives.
    My email is [email protected]
    keep your name clean

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