The Tea Party

Tea for one, the table set with roses and sweets. LUCIANA prepares to partake of a divine cake. She has a spill and removes some frill. More cake all over the place. What a mess, a ruined party dress. Only one thing to do. Get naked and endulge.


The White Sheets

There are mornings like these and mornings like those. Waking up to sunlight warming The White Sheets and blankets around you. You are alone. You can't help but smile at how beautiful the world is. The bright natural light fills you, and you are happy.


City Life

Moments between clouds, I prepare myself as I ingest the city air. I feel the sun warm my skin as the snow freezes my feet. My ears are ringing from the sounds of the street floating up to the rooftop and I feel content. There is nothing better than living and breathing The City Life. Nothing.