anilorac - Bestial Huntress

Bestial Huntress

Raised in the deepest jungle, Nidalee is a master tracker who can shapeshift into a ferocious cougar at will. Neither wholly woman nor beast, she viciously defends her territory from any and all trespassers, with carefully placed traps and deft spear throws. She cripples her quarry before pouncing on them in feline form—the lucky few who survive tell tales of …

witchpoison - parisian love

parisian love


So I took myself where I think I should be. Someone told me that he’s waiting here for me… Parisian nights, Parisian hot, Parisian breeze, feeding me like medicine, yeah… It’s so romantic in Paris, won’t even try to compare it. Thought I was sure that I’d find it but I already have love in LA…

ajalla - Green Fairy

Green Fairy

I was always a caterpillar, shy, insecure. Until the day I got tired of being like this. I turned into a butterfly. Now flying in a sea of freedom! When I was able to see my own greatness I wanted to evolve more and more. And today here I am. I became a fairy, and able to brave the whole …

bambi_ - vin rouge

vin rouge


pick your poison, I prefer a nice vin rouge with a beautiful steak dinner. Maybe get a little wine drunk and that’s when the clothes start to come off

kinka - Summer Feeling

Summer Feeling

Tastes like strawberries On a summer evening And it sounds just like a song I want more berries And that summer feeling It’s so wonderful and warm Breathe me in Breathe me out I don’t know if I could ever go without I’m just thinking out loud I don’t know if I could ever go without

vicvarg - I Build This Garden For Us

I Build This Garden For Us

“In this garden They’ll be no war No racial prejudice You’ll be my brother Of any color You’ll just be okay with us We’ll love each day in peace In hope that we will one day reach The rest of the world”