Brisadeiro = Brazilian dessert that gets you high

How to Make
First step, if you are traditional, get your butter. If you are on the alternative side like me, take your cannabutter to give it a special touch, add condensed milk and cocoa powder, mix everything in the pan until it boils and comes out of the pan. It's super simple and an explosion of flavors!

Wait for it to cool so you don't burn your tongue like I do (I know it's hard to resist but the caramelized sugar will make it extremely hot), so in the meantime smoke a joint to relax.
Now with enough munchies just eat the brisadeiro and wait for the wave to hit and enjoy the moment. And the best part is to eat straight from the pot, don't break the tradition!

Brigadeiro is a traditional dessert from Brazil and one of my favorites, but Brisadeiro is the best version. Brisa= breezze + deiro = brigadeiro.diandra
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