slitchi - The Rise of the Sith

The Rise of the Sith


A long time ago, in a galaxy NOT SO far away.... - The Real Epsode IX - THE RISE OF THE SITH - These are dark times in the galaxy. Aldeeran no longer exists, as does the death star. - The Rebel Alliance became a real threat to the order promised by the Empire. - Despite this, the territories of the Empire are vast and shrewd, the Galactic Empire is the dominant influence throughout the galaxy, dictating how the lives of every being on the planet should be. - With this new Rebel threat, those who feel the Force realize that to save the galaxy they will have to see through the lies of the Jedi. - The Dark Side is more seductive and entices those who can feel the Force. - The strength and determination of the Dark Side provides a power that was denied to the Jedi.- If you feel the Force, join us on the Dark Side. - You won't find my lack of clothes disturbing!slitchi
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