haub - we wash better than you do

we wash better than you do


“We wash cars to pay for tattoos. Full service and special treatment for classic cars, mostly v8. Our heart accelerates with the sound of this motor. This car is a 1974 Ford Maverick – Super Luxury v8 version. Only made in Brazil and has 80% original parts. My friend won this car when he turned 18 (legal age to driving …

haub - How Sparkle Bitches Are Born

How Sparkle Bitches Are Born

Step 1: Take a hot bath, but not hotter than you Step 2: Brush your teeth very well, because the most dangerous animal in the world is a smiling bitch sitting in silence. Step 3: Dry your hair like badass with a good ass that you are!Step 4: Make your makeup and don't forget to throw glitter in today faces. …

haub - Procaffeinating


"The tendency to not start anything until you've had a cup of coffee." – Natural photos edited by me. I certainly drank liters of coffee to make them…