Monkey Zero


Our multi set with @SEMELDA and also celebration of the beginning of our romantic relationships. Being apart we realised we love each other, and in between quarantines I managed to come to her country.


This is not a serious set!

This is a set with sarcasm about standarts of modern erotic modeling and how "cute" shall a girl look like. My statement – we, SG girls, are not mainstream. I personally refuse to be mainstream and I don't like being called "cute". Photographer and I were rolling on the floor laughing, while shooting this set, and I hope, you will …



Why do we have wings if not to fly? Why do we have feet if not to tread upon the mortal soil?



In wild nature demonstration of vulnerability provokes the stronger ones to attack. Similar situations are common between people too. But humanity must leave it behind. We are responsible for how our actions affect others. There is no excuse for abuse. Not only physical or sexual, but moral too.



According to one of the versions (for example, in one of the "Charmed" episodies), banshee is a a twisted soul of a women, whose heart was broken. The pain of bad romance turn into a horrible cry, which is also the omen of death for those who hear it. Good that no one hears how I cry.


Spirit, why?

In the east where you killed her you lead us, when you need to feed us. You comfortably delete us, when you need your fetus…


Fishermen's village

Words “wait” and “everywhere” – I can’t remember them, I’ll forget. With will you can wait and find in twenty years from now, your happiness in life. But I don’t need the word “if”. I cannot stay in one place. The purple powder – you and I are in it. Life, what kind of shark are you? So toothless, you …