missfernandez - Humblest Pleasures

Humblest Pleasures

«Tiger lily or a rose, you still have your place in the garden. Appreciate the bluer notes. Why is the simplest thing the hardest? What a thing it is to grow.»


Pink + White

That’s the way everyday goes Every time we have no control If the sky is pink and white If the ground is black and yellow It’s the same way you showed me Nod my head, don’t close my eyes Half way on a slow move It’s the same way you showed me If you could fly then you’d feel south …


I'm wide awake, it's morning

The sun came up with no conclusions Flowers sleeping in their beds The city's cemetery's humming I'm wide awake, it's morning And I have my drugs, I have my woman They keep away my loneliness My parents, they have their religion But sleep in separate houses I read the body count out of the paper And now it's written all …