persephonepitstop - Water-Break-Its-Neck


An impromptu shoot on the lovely girlfriend's mobile phone in mid Wales, admittedly because it's been a fair old while since I last did a shoot and I really want to keep my membership up-to-date. That said, isn't this a gorgeous waterfall (if very peculiarly named)?


Dalek Hunting

Alone on the nuclear-ravaged world of Skaro, the rest of her unit destroyed and deactivated, Movellan Trooper Akylah stalks through the ruins of the Kaled city, determined to avenge her fallen comrades. Alas, her enemy has the same idea. Luckily for her, its death ray seems to have developed a curious malfunction. (Cheesy laser effects by Eleanor Burns. Co-starring Dierdre …


Ada Lovelace

***This is my first ever attempt at a self-shot set, due to Covid-19 cancelling all shoots. Needing to feel productive, I dressed up the living room in Victoriana, and picked a theme I’ve been contemplating for ages.*** England, 1843: Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron, was devising the world’s first ever programming language (no doubt in the furtive hope that …


Lady Doronjo (and the Pleasure Pill Heist)

A little Doronjo-Sama cosplay (Costume and initial concept by me, comic book art and storyline by Matrix). No doubt sick of being defeated and humiliated by Yatterman so many times, the villainous Doronjo turns her hand to a little freelance pharmaceuticals theft, but finds this just as dangerous and humiliating…


Trials of a Time Lady

It was meant to be a simple, routine mission to 1930s Earth, but the traveller had not counted on her time bracelet developing a glitchy habit of sending random objects into the far future (and vice versa). Will she ever make it back to her own time, and can she manage to bring a shred of dignity with her?